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I have loads of dreams every single night, but that one really fucked me up. I am was at  granny´s flat, sleeping on my dads legs. She shot her self in head, she was so drunk. I woke up and run away from there. It was war, everywhere. Everyboy I knew were killed by drones. I was hidden under some kind of bridge. I saw red spot near me, I run like some lunatic rabbit under the bridge away from that spot, but it was stalking me all the time. Someone catch me. I am was back in totally destroyed flat, talking to my granny, she had totally blue head with her left part of face ripped of. I am was shouting at her why she did it, that she had to stop drinking.

It is totally diffrent from my ordinary dreams about mouldy green water with rubish in it. In this dream I am still walking on the edge between ground and water and every time I fall in it. Sometimes there appears one of my friends, making big cut in center of my head with scalpel.


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Czech Republic
More than I hate myself , I hate this world which causes that I hate myself .

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I like that webcam picture my brothers cat does the "I'm crazy about you one" only sometimes though and I've heard when cats shove their butt in your face it means they like you a lot and want you to sniff their butt.

That's pretty disturbing.
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